Diamond Drums Eliminate the Need for Costly Fleet Brake System Maintenance

Extend Fleet Vehicle Life with our Diamond Treated DrumsBy using our Diamond Technology on your brake drums, you will eliminate a great deal of the costs incurred in typical commercial vehicle fleet maintenance.  Whether you are managing a fleet of fire and emergency vehicles, refuse trucks, or a small fleet of restaurant delivery vehicles, the amount of time and money that you spend every year monitoring the brake system maintenance of your fleet can be drastically reduced by using our Diamond Technology.

The enormous amount of heat and pressure brake drums are exposed to causes corrosion and damage, requiring continual maintenance, replacement, and repair. By using our Diamond Technology the core of your brake drums will be strengthened, protecting them from the heat and other harmful environmental conditions.  The need for perpetual fleet maintenance on your brake systems is virtually eliminated.

The results from our Diamond Technology on your brake drums are:

  • No Pre-Machining of Drums is Required
  • No Burnishing is Required
  • Harder and Stronger brake drums
  • Reduce Heat Cracking
  • Eliminate Glazing of Brake Block/Brake Shoe
  • Increased Stopping Power
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Reduce Flat Spotting of Tires

By eliminating the need for multiple brake repairs every year, you will reduce your cost per mile, materials, labor costs, and vehicle down time. You can be confident that with our 100,000 mile warranty against failure due to wear, distortion and cracking you are making the right choice by entrusting your brake system fleet maintenance program to Power Brake LLC today.

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