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Lower Maintenance Cost

The true cost of brake maintenance is best expressed as “Cost per Mile”. Power Brake’s products and programs dramatically lower Cost-per-Mile by keeping your vehicles out of the shop and on the road longer, taking care of business.

Lower Overhead

Fewer brake jobs require stocking fewer brake parts. By breaking the cycle of frequent brake overhauls, inventory and labor requirements are lowered.

Decrease Maintenance Time

Power Brake’s Diamond Technology drums and rotors are easily installed and maintained with no machining or extensive burnishing required. Our Grease-Free bushings do not require lubrication at installation, PM cycles, or EVER! Because our brakes last longer, installation and maintenance labor hours are greatly reduced.

FireTruck-ROILower Fleet Maintenance Brake Repair Costs with Power Brake’s Diamond Technology

Here at Power Brake LLC, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the most innovative technology to keep their costs down and their vehicles safe. In order to do so, we have formulated a trade-secret process in which extreme force is used to apply specific elements to the cast iron surfaces of brake components to protect them from deterioration caused by the constant heat and friction they face. This unrivaled process is unlike any other technologies, such as cryogenics, because it dramatically improves the braking performance while preserving the condition of the individual components. By outfitting previous fleet vehicle brake systems with our Diamond Technology, you will dramatically lower your fleet maintenance costs for many years to come, and that savings will increase every year when you no longer have to perform multiple, redundant brake system repairs on your vehicles.

Improve Your Existing Fleet Vehicle Brake Components or Purchase Power Brake Technology Components

Whether you have a fleet of vehicles with existing brake components that require Power Brake’s Diamond Technology or you need to purchase components, Power Brake can help you lower your fleet maintenance costs for years to come. Our advanced components come from only the most reputable manufacturers such as Raysbestos, Arvin Meritor, Webb, Inwood, Marathon, and more. Contact us today to learn more about how we can process your existing components, or about our component purchasing options.

Power Brake LLC offers training sessions upon request.

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We Offer a 100,000 Mile Warranty against Failure due to Wear, Distortion, or Cracking
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Excellence in Brake Performance – Is “Good Enough” Really Good Enough?

The Nightmare:  guiding 50,000 lbs. down the road when the unimaginable happens – suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere a person stumbles and falls directly in front of your city bus.  Without even a second to think about it, you instinctively and immediately slam the brake pedal to the floor.  That’s all you can do.  […]

Advanced Engineering and Materials for Foundation Brake Performance and Longevity

By John Campo Published in BUSRide Maintenance magazine, April 2016 Note:  As an accompaniment to Jerry Thompson’s article “Advantages in Brake Design” in BusRide Maintenance ( this article addresses the drum and rotor side of the friction-couple equation.  In his article Mr. Thompson highlighted some of ProTec Friction Group’s state-of-the-art friction materials and how they […]

Advantages in Brake Design

By Jerry Thompson Originally published in in BusRide Maintenance Magazine, January 2015   The philosophy of ProTec Friction Group is that all the elements of a brake system must work together. A braking system is a holistic entity, requiring a combination of research and science with on-the-street experience in order to generate breakthrough safety and lifespan […]