Why Does Diamond Technology Lower Fleet Management Costs So Dramatically?fleet management

The automobile parts industry is one of the nation’s oldest businesses, and it continues to profit immensely because it functions on the principle of planned obsolescence; automobile parts are purposefully built not to last in order to ensure future profits from sales of replacement parts.  Brake systems are one of the most costly vehicle systems to repair.  Fleet management is largely consumed by the repetitive, costly repairs that fleet vehicles demand for their brake systems because they are heavier, subject to demanding stopping conditions, and placed under much more stress than typical vehicles.  As a result, premature brake repairs are often necessary.  This translates to thousands of dollars in fleet management costs every year, including parts, labor, and lost profits due to vehicle down-time.  With Power Brake’s Diamond Technology, those fleet management costs are dramatically lowered. 

Diamond Technology fleet vehicles’ brake rotors or drums are guaranteed for 100,000 miles.  Diamond Technology isn’t a coating or plating, so it doesn’t wear away.  It coalesces with the metal to strengthen the components against heat, corrosion, and seizing.  The cost savings that result are dramatic.  There are no comparable products on the market today because this simply hasn’t been done before.  Power Brake is backed by over 70 years of combined experience in the braking industry, during which time we’ve witnessed thousands of dollars spent every year in fleet management services on brake systems.  Our Diamond Technology picks up where the manufacturers purposefully left off, providing you with brake systems that are reliable, safe, and durable.

By using Power Brake’s breakthrough Diamond Technology, your fleet management methods will be transformed.  Frequent, time-consuming brake repairs will be a thing of the past.  Our customer base is growing exponentially because once people try our Diamond Technology on one of their vehicles; they see the difference and immediately order it for all of their fleet vehicles.  We offer a risk-free test on one of your fleet vehicles, so you can try it and compare for yourself the difference between our Diamond Technology fleet vehicles and your vehicles.

We Offer a 100,000 Mile Warranty against Failure due to Wear, Distortion, or Cracking
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