Webb Drums Can Last Longer with the Diamond Technology from Power Brake

Webb DrumsWebb drums that have Diamond Technology from Power Brake applied are able to endure the constant stop and go traffic and extreme temperatures found in cities and towns throughout the country. Fleet Managers who are looking for a cost-effective fleet maintenance solution without sacrificing the need to maintain optimal fleet operations have been talking about how Power Brake’s special technology has led to superior performance and increased ROI.

Webb Drums that have Diamond Technology from Power Brake can expect the following results:

  • No more Pre-machining of Webb Drums
  • Burnishing is not required
  • Reduced Heat Cracking
  • Eliminate Glazing of Brake Block and the Brake Shoe
  • Extended life of the drum with 100,000 mile warranty

Power Brake offers a risk-free test to anyone who is looking for proof that our Diamond Brake Technology is the perfect solution for any fleet vehicle that has been outfitted with Webb Drums. This test will bring to light the damage normal brake operations have on one of your existing fleet vehicles to a vehicle that has been given the Diamond Technology. Additionally, we can work on your existing truck component inventory, or we can provide pre-applied parts from manufactures such as Raysbestos, Arvin Meritor, and more.

We carry the following Webb Drum product numbers:

61510 65161B
61591 65162B
61950B 65547B
61950 65600B
61951 66364B
61991F 66864
62670 66873
62671 66884B
64051 66892
64115B 66670

We Offer a 100,000 Mile Warranty against Failure due to Wear, Distortion, or Cracking
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