Power Brake’s Diamond Technology is the Ideal Brake Solution for Truck Fleet Management

Truck Fleet Management Nationwide

Power Brake is an APTA Certified company whose professional team has almost 70 years of combined experience in the brake industry.  This experience gives us the insight to provide you with a timely and effective brake solution for truck fleet management.  Maintenance of your fleets is expensive enough, so take advantage of Power Brake’s money and time-saving method by trying our Diamond Technology risk-free.

Diamond Technology saves you money by not only maintaining, but even improving brake safety and performance over time.  Brake components are designed by the manufacturer to wear out quickly and require frequent replacements, but imagine the time and money you’d save if your brakes could last 100,000 miles.  That’s the guarantee Power Brake offers with our Diamond Technology.

Vehicles we aid in truck fleet management include:

You don’t need your drums locking up on the icy roads of Alaska, or your rotors corroding from salt-treated streets in New Jersey.  Avoid skidding and heat cracks, and maintain performance for a guaranteed 100,000 miles with Diamond Technology.

Please call us or contact us via our online form to find out why our Diamond Technology is the brake maintenance solution you need for truck fleet management.