Truck Fleet Management:  Erase Brake Corrosion from Your List of Worriestruck fleet management

Brake corrosion is a serious problem for truck fleet management.  Fleet service vehicles tend to be exposed to harsh conditions, such as chemically-treated roads, excessive stopping, extreme pressure and heat from the weight of the vehicles, and more.  Corrosion can wear away break components and lead to loss of brake friction, resulting in greater braking distances and eventually loss of brake control.   The repetitive, yearly brake service jobs that are necessary for all fleet service vehicles not only incur parts and labor expenses, but the vehicle downtime equates to lost profits as well. 

Truck fleet management teams everywhere are servicing their fleets with Power Brake’s breakthrough Diamond Technology. Fleet vehicles generally experience premature brake wear; with Diamond Technology your brake rotors and drums are guaranteed to last for 100,000 miles.  Diamond Technology isn’t a coating or plating, so it won’t wear away.  It converges with the metal to strengthen the components against heat, corrosion, and seizing.

Some of the benefits of utilizing Diamond Technology on your fleet vehicles are:

  • Improved performance and safety
  • Dramatically decreased fleet maintenance costs
  • Lowered labor costs
  • Decreased pad wear
  • Prevents brake sticking
  • Eliminates WARPING & RUNOUT

Power Brake is backed by over 70 years of combined experience in truck fleet management.  We’ve spent our careers witnessing the costly, redundant brake jobs that fleet vehicles undergo.  We understand that brakes, like many other automobile parts, are designed based on the principles of planned obsolescence; they are literally designed to fail in order to ensure future profits.  Diamond Technology picks up where the manufacturers left off, ensuring the safety and reliability of your fleet vehicles’ brakes.

We Offer a 100,000 Mile Warranty against Failure due to Wear, Distortion, or Cracking
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