Other Fleet Maintenance Programs for Transit and Paratransit Vehicles Can’t Match Our Diamond Technology

The professionals at Power Brake realize how important it is that city buses make stops on time and get passengers to their destinations safely.  We also realize that paratransit vans and taxi cabs always have to be ready to answer a call or make an unexpected stop.  BecauseParatransit Fleet Maintenance Programs of this, transit and paratransit organizations across the U.S. have chosen the dependability and durability of our patent-pending Diamond Treatment over other fleet maintenance programs.

Other methods of preventative brake maintenance, such as coating or plating, depend on the quality of the brakes prior to treatment and may not resist further damage.  Diamond Treatment also outshines cryogenic brake treatment in performance and longevity.
Treating your fleets with our method results in:

  • Resistance to corrosion, heat damage, cracking, and other signs of wear-and-tear
  • Prevention of brake sticking or drum lockups
  • Rotors and drums that are guaranteed for 100,000 miles
  • Significantly lowering your repair, replacement, and labor costs

Allow yourself to concentrate on keeping route schedules and the safe transportation of passengers, not on the hassle of “routine” brake maintenance.  By guaranteeing that you drive 100,000 miles without brake failure due to excessive wear, distortion, or cracking, our Diamond Treatment lets you free yourself from the planned obsolescence currently used to design brakes.

When it comes to fleet maintenance programs for transit and paratransit vehicles, know that you can rely on Power Brake’s Diamond Treatment for enhanced safety and performance.  Give us a call today to try our method risk-free.