Power Brake Services Tractor Trailer Brakes Using Superior Diamond Technology That Is Engineered to Last

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When it comes time to have your tractor trailer brakes serviced, you can continue with the same old way that you have been going about it and subject yourself to the need for constant maintenance. Or, you can choose to go with the Diamond Technology maintenance program offered by Power Brake, which is proven to last and guaranteed for 100,000 miles. Some might say that choice is an easy one.

When you choose Power Brake, you can reduce your overhead and maintenance costs significantly as you won’t have to have your tractor trailer brakes serviced as often as you would if you chose another method like coating or plating. While coating does provide extra protection, this method is still subject to heat damage and other forms of wear-and-tear. And plating is only as good as the brake system it is applied to and does nothing to improve overall performance of your brake system.

Consider the Many Advantages of Diamond Technology Service for Your Tractor Trailer Brakes


Our unique Diamond Technology is designed to outlast all other types of brake maintenance.


Unique elements are bonded to the metal parts of your tractor trailer brakes and the energy path is redirected so that your brakes perform better for longer.

Peace of Mind

After they undergo our service, your brakes will be guaranteed for 100,000 miles.

Learn more about our Diamond Technology service for your tractor trailer brakes by contacting the experts at Power Brake. You can even take advantage of our no-obligation trial program.