Lower Maintenance Costs for Semi Truck Brakes by Choosing the Unique Diamond Technology Offered By Power Brake

Semi Truck Brakes

Maintaining your semi truck brakes doesn’t have to be a constant concern if you simply turn to Power Brake. That’s because we offer our patented Diamond Technology. This unique fleet vehicle maintenance program can dramatically improve the life of your brakes, which helps to reduce the overall need for maintenance, thus costing you less money in the long run.

Learn About Our Unique Diamond Technology Process

During the manufacturing, heat treating, and machining of brake parts such as rotors and drums, stress points often occur. Our Diamond Technology Process essentially completes the metallurgical changes in the components of your semi truck brakes. It also helps to reduce the stress on the brake parts by redirecting the energy path through your brake system. Then, elements are applied to the surface of the components and are coalesced to the metal through an application of extreme pressure.

Why Is Diamond Technology Superior? Consider This:

Unlike coating and plating, which both have a limited lifespan and do little to improve the performance of your semi truck brakes, our Diamond Technology is guaranteed to last for 100,000 miles. That means you can enjoy long periods of optimal operation without the need for costly and time-consuming maintenance.

To learn more about having your semi truck brakes serviced with our unique and highly effective Diamond Technology process, contact Power Brake today. And, if you still aren’t fully convinced, you can take advantage of our risk-free trial program.