Pre-Treated Fleet Brakes Available for Brake Replacements

Many customers find that after the initial 100,000 miles, they simply can’t go back to the poor performance and time-consuming, costly replacements Pre-Treated Rotorand repairs required by untreated brakes.  For those customers, we offer pre-treated fleet brakes to replace their existing diamond-treated brakes.  These replacements are also useful if you do not think your current, untreated brake systems are in good enough shape to bother treating.

Benefits of pre-treated fleet brakes include:

  • Reduction of glazing over shoes and blocks
  • Removal of rotor warping
  • Temperature reduction in brake fluid, bearings, calipers, pads, and wheels
  • Elimination of judder
  • Increased pad life

If you manage a fleet of transit buses that have surpassed their 100,000 miles, or if you believe your cement truck brakes are too worn to treat, then consider our pre-treated fleet brakes.  We offer components from Webb, Raysbestos, Marathon, Arvin Meritor, and Inwood.

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