Lower Fleet Maintenance Brake Repair Costs with Power Brake’s Diamond Technology


Here at Power Brake LLC, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the most innovative technology to keep their costs down and their vehicles safe. In order to do so, we have formulated a patent-pending process in which extreme force is used to apply specific elements to the cast iron surfaces of brake components to protect them from deterioration caused by the constant heat and friction they face. This unrivaled process is unlike any of the older technologies, such as cryogenics, because it dramatically improves the braking performance while preserving the condition of the individual components. By applying our Diamond Technology to your fleet vehicle brake systems, you will dramatically lower your fleet maintenance costs for many years to come, and that savings will increase every year when you no longer have to perform multiple, redundant brake system repairs on your vehicles.

Improve Brake System Performance, Safety, and Prevent Deterioration with our Diamond Technology

Our Diamond Technology has been recognized by the Governor’s High Tech Council as a completely unique technology in the transportation industry, and we have even been awarded the Sole Source classification. For government municipalities, in particular, this makes contracting our services for your fleet maintenance simple because there is no need to put the project out to bid. No other company can offer you the improved performance, safety, and longevity that our Diamond Technology promises. Typical brake systems lack the capacity to run without deteriorating for more than a few thousand miles.  Diamond Technology will absolutely prevent that deterioration.

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