When It Comes to Heavy Duty Truck Brakes, the Diamond Technology Offered By Power Brake Is the Optimal Choice

Heavy Duty Truck Brakes

If you need to have your heavy duty truck brakes serviced, choose the Diamond Technology offered by the knowledgeable professionals at Power Brake. When it comes to heavy duty brake service, there is no better company to turn to. By providing you with a system that is designed to last longer than any other service on the market, we can help you reduce maintenance costs and the overhead associated with brake maintenance for your fleet of commercial vehicles.

At Power Brake, we are proud to offer our unique Diamond Technology. This process can optimize the performance and longevity of your heavy duty truck breaks by:

  • Completing the metallurgic changes that occur during the manufacturing, machining, and heat treating processes
  • Reducing the stress on your break system by redirecting the flow of energy
  • Applying unique elements to the cast iron parts of your heavy duty truck brakes through the application of intense pressure which coalesces the metal

Best of all, our Diamond Technology guarantees that you won’t need to have your brakes serviced for 100,000 miles. You will be hard pressed to find that level of peace of mind from other fleet maintenance programs.

For more information on our Diamond Technology for heavy duty brakes, contact Power Brake today.