GMC Ambulances Will Run for Miles Longer with Diamond Technology from Power Brake

GMC Ambulances are called upon to perform important duties GMC Ambulanceson adaily basis. This is why
having a dependable brake system that runs optimally everyday is imperative forthe safety of all involved.  Most fleet vehicles, including GMC Ambulances, must undergo multiple brake system jobs every year due the constant pressure applied to the brakes. Power Brake’s Diamond Technology protects brake components against wear and tear like no other brake technology ever has. We guarantee our brakes for 100,000 miles against failure due to wear, distortion or cracking. In addition, with our Diamond Technology you will also receive:

  • Improved safety and performance
  • Prevention against brake failure
  • Brake sticking elimination

We can work on your existing fleet vehicle components, or we can provide you with components from reputable manufacturers such as Webb, Arvin Meritor, Raysbestos and more with our Diamond Technology already applied. If you have doubts, apply Diamond Technology on one of your fleet vehicles risk-free and see for yourself the difference in component wear. The contrast will speak for itself. Let Power Brake minimize your fleet maintenance costs now, and for years to come. 

We Offer a 100,000 Mile Warranty against Failure due to Wear, Distortion, or Cracking
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