Eliminate Brake Worry from Your Garbage Truck Fleet ManagementGarbage Truck Fleet Management

When it comes to fleet management for garbage trucks, you shouldn’t have to worry about brake repair.  With individual vehicle tracking, mechanical diagnostics, and fleet security, you have enough on your mind without agonizing over maintenance for your garbage truck brakes.

Power Brake’s revolutionary Diamond Technology eliminates the stress of brake repair and replacement for a guaranteed 100,000 miles.  We use extreme pressure to merge our solution into the metal of your drums and rotors, thereby strengthening the brakes and improving their performance.

Garbage truck brakes especially take a lot of punishment with the constant stop-and-go of collecting refuse.  The professionals at Power Brake realize how important it is that these brakes perform dependably and how essential the brake service can be for the fleet management of garbage trucks.  With our Diamond Technology, your brakes will never:

  • Corrode or succumb to heat damage
  • Crack or show other signs of wear-and-tear
  • Stick or lock up in cold weather and other extreme climates
  • Last less than 100,000 miles

Let the garbage truck brakes be the last thing on your mind when performing fleet management for garbage trucks.  You can even try our Diamond Technology on one of your vehicles risk-free.

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