Freightliner Ambulances Have Superior Performance with Diamond Technology from Power Brake

Freightliner ambulances are placed under a great deal of stress every day. As the brake components absorb most of that stress, the result is routine and costly yearly fleet Freightliner Ambulancemaintenance expenses.  With Power Brake’s Diamond Technology, those fleet maintenance costs can be significantly reduced.  Our breakthrough technology doesn’t coat or plate your components; it binds with the metal to protect it against failure due to:

  • Wear
  • Distortion
  • Cracking

We can work on your existing inventory of freightliner ambulance brake components, or we can provide you with brake components from manufacturers such as Webb, Marathon, Raysbestos and more with our Diamond Technology already applied.  Try our Diamond Technology risk-free on one of your freightliner ambulances and compare for yourself the difference in wear between your vehicles.

We Offer a 100,000 Mile Warranty against Failure due to Wear, Distortion, or Cracking
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