Started on 01/13/1999
with 2 Navistar trucks. The first truck was outfitted with Diamond Rotors
and new Cooper – Abex brake pads. The second truck was outfitted with new
OEM standard issue brake rotors and new Cooper – Abex brake pads. Both trucks
were driven in the same area with the drivers alternating trucks every 30
On 03/13/2000 both trucks were brought in for inspection. NO WEAR or DAMAGE
to brake rotors or brake pads on first truck after 20,472 miles. The second
truck had 3/32″ to 6/32″ wear on the brake pads and little or
no wear on the rotors.
On 01/2001, a second
inspection was made: First truck had NO WEAR on brake rotors and 2/32″
maximum wear on brake pads. Second truck had a left rear caliper failure
in November of 2000 which resulted in a damaged rotor and worn out pads
while the right rear had 15/32″ (60%) wear on brake pads with medium
wear on rotor (0.020) Front brakes showed 10/32″ (50%) average wear
on front pads with medium wear to brake rotors.
On 09/01, a third inspection was made and the rotors were removed for a
presentation to the senior engineers. NO WEAR on brake rotors and 10% wear
on brake pads. After meeting, rotors and pads were reinstalled and are still
running as of 03/2002! Second truck has now been outfitted with Diamond
Rotors and new Cooper – Abex pads!
First Truck Results
39,319 miles with no wear to brake rotors and 10% wear to brake pads!
Second Truck Results
28,126 miles – rear pads worn out with minimum wear to rotors.
36,785 miles – front pads were worn 65% and replaced, with rotors requiring


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