Improve Fleet Truck Maintenance with Power Brake’s Diamond Technology

With fuel prices and other expenses on the rise, it is important now more than ever to be able to lower costs wherever you can without sacrificing safety or performance.  Keeping up with fleet truck maintenance is crucial, and Power Brake’s Diamond Technology brings youFleet Truck Maintenance savings while enhancing the performance and longevity of your brake systems.

Brakes are designed with planned obsolescence in mind, but our Diamond Technology puts a stop to costly, “routine” repairs and replacements, thereby significantly reducing parts and labor costs.  Benefits include:

  • Rotors and drums guaranteed to last 100,000 miles
  • Improved performance for an increase in safety
  • Elimination of drag for increased brake pad life
  • Prevention of brake sticking and lockups
  • Resistance to corrosion, cracking, and other signs of wear-and-tear

Not only can Power Brake enhance your brake systems with Diamond Technology, but we also offer quality, pre-applied brake rotors, drums, and other components from leading brands like Webb, Marathon, and Inwood.

Improve your fleet truck maintenance program by decreasing your parts and labor costs and enhancing vehicle performance. Contact Power Brake today to learn more about why Diamond Technology is the ultimate in preventative maintenance and about trying this technology risk-free.