Fleet Tracking Worries are reduced with Diamond Technology for Brakes

Fleet tracking can be a difficult, confusing process to perform with fleet trackinglarge fleets of vehicles, and with heavy-duty trucks, fleet tracking is much more involved.  Heavy-duty vehicle fleet tracking is largely centered on brake system repairs, which need to be done often due to amount of wear they experience.  The vehicle weight adds an enormous amount of pressure on brake systems, combined with other factors such as excessive braking requirements (as with refuse trucks) and inclement weather conditions, which can all have seriously detrimental effects on brake systems.  The result is that fleet tracking can end up being a full-time job with a great deal of needless expenditure. 

The time spent tracking fleet maintenance
operations, and the expenses incurred from the multiple
repairs, can be dramatically lowered by using Power Brake’s
Diamond Technology. Diamond Technology doesn’t
wear away because it isn’t a coating or plating. It converges
with the metal to strengthen the components against heat,
corrosion, and seizing. The result is a streamlined fleet
tracking process and dramatically lowered fleet maintenance
costs for years to come.

Some of the other benefits of utilizing our Diamond Technology on your fleet vehicles’ brake systems are:

  • Improved performance and safety
  • Extended pad life
  • Protection against seizing and cracking

Power Brake is backed by over 70 years of combined experience in the brake industry.  We’ve created our Diamond Technology in response to having witnessed thousands of costly and redundant brake system repairs over the years.  We understand the time and resources that go into fleet tracking.  Our Diamond Technology virtually eliminates a lot of the hassles involved with fleet tracking.

We welcome you to try Diamond Technology risk-free on one of your fleet vehicles.  Try it and compare the brake wear on your vehicles, and you will see that our Diamond Technology really does do what it promises.

We Offer a 100,000 Mile Warranty against Failure due to Wear, Distortion, or Cracking
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