Diamond Technology Is a Reliable Answer to the Fleet Management Solutions You Are Looking For

Power Brake knows you have a lot on your plate when it comes to finding fleet management solutions.Fleet Management Solutions  You’ve implemented GPS, cellular triangulation, and other software, but you’re still trying to save on expenses.

For significantly lowering maintenance and labor costs, the experts at Power Brake have developed patent-pending Diamond Technology.  After we use extreme pressure to merge our solution into your drums and rotors, you’ll enjoy brakes that:

  • Resist corrosion and cracking
  • Eliminate drag between the pads and rotors, extending pad life
  • Don’t stick or lock up, improving safety on the road
  • Last a guaranteed 100,000 miles

Our Diamond Technology is not a coating, covering, or plating.  These methods can still wear away and do not guarantee improvements on performance or longevity.  Power Brake’s Diamond Technology will be the greatest return you will find on your investment for fleet management solutions.

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