Add Diamond Brake Technology to Your List of Fleet Management Services

Fleet Management Services

Power Brake’s professional and knowledgeable team understands that there are many factors that go into managing your vehicles.  As a fleet supervisor, you have matters like driver profiles, planning routes, vehicle tracking, license renewals, fuel management, and other fleet management services on your mind.

Our Diamond Technology allows you to take brake repair and replacement off that list, letting you concentrate on those other matters while enjoying the benefits of dependable brakes that are guaranteed to improve and maintain performance for 100,000 miles.  Benefits include:

  • No sticking or locking up in cold weather and other extreme climates
  • No dragging between the pads and rotors
  • Increased stopping power/no skipping
  • Resistance to cracking and corrosion

Whether your law enforcement vehicles slide too far on abrupt stops, or one of your garbage trucks makes a grinding noise every time you hit the brake pedal, don’t give in to costly, frequent brake replacements using OEM parts or other brake products.  Choose our Diamond Technology as a convenient and effective way of enhancing your fleet management services.

The time has come to lower brake replacement, maintenance, and labor costs by utilizing Power Brake’s Diamond Technology.  Please contact us today to find out about trying our process risk-free.

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