Power Brake Offers Fleet Maintenance Services for a Variety of Vehicles

With over 60 years of combined experience in the brake industry, the experts at Power Brake realize the importance of brake safety, longevity, and performance.  We are proud to offer our Diamond Diamond Technology as an alternative to other fleet Fleet Maintenance Services maintenance services.

While other methods of brake service are prone to corrosion, heat damage, and other signs of wear-and-tear, our Diamond Technology guarantees brake components that last 100,000 miles.  Think of the repair, replacement, and labor costs you could save with 100,000 miles of dependable brakes.

Fleet vehicles we work on include:

When it comes to fleet maintenance services, Power Brake is your one-stop-shop.  We can use our Diamond Technology on your existing components, or you can purchase pre-applied rotors and drums made by leading brands like Webb, Raysbestos, and Marathon.

For more information, or to try our Diamond Technology risk-free, contact us today.