Diamond Technology versus Other Fleet Maintenance Programs

While there are many different fleet maintenance programs out there, Power Brake’s patent-pending Diamond Technology will give you the greatest return on your investment.Diamond-Treated vs Other Fleet Maintenance Programs

Popular brake treatment options include coating, plating, and cryogenics.  However, none of these solutions to brake wear will remain solutions for as long as Diamond Technology.  Here’s how other fleet maintenance programs stack up against Power Brake’s guaranteed method:

  • Coating only provides an outer layer of protection that still may be subject to heat damage and other signs of wear-and-tear over time, but Diamond Technology prevents heat damage, corrosion, and other signs of wear-and-tear for 100,000 miles, guaranteed.
  • Plating only shields over what is already there, meaning that the quality of plated brakes is dependent upon the condition of the components before they undergo the process.  Unless your existing brakes are already worn and in need of replacement, Diamond Technology’s high-pressure merging of our solution into the metal of your drums and rotors ensures that your brakes last 100,000 miles from time of application.
  • Cryogenic treatment uses extreme cold to improve wear life and prevent warping, but it does not necessarily improve brake performance or preserve the condition of each brake component for 100,000 miles like ours does.

Coating, plating, cryogenics, and other fleet maintenance programs can’t lower repair, replacement, and labor costs as significantly as Power Brake’s Diamond Technology, nor can they enhance safety, wear life, and performance as dramatically.

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