Power Brake’s axle kits save you money by breaking the cycle of repeated frequent brake jobs. Palm Tran (Palm Beach County Transit) leads the way with the nation’s highest quality and most cost-effective brake maintenance program provided by Power Brake, LLC.

During our first meeting after a successful testing program, Palm Tran was bit concerned by the initial price of our kits. After reviewing all test data and cost analysis, they recognized significant overall annual cost savings due to the reduction in brake reline components, labor and inventory costs.

Palm Tran has eliminated the expense of large spare parts inventories, the costs of machining drums and relining brake shoes. No longer does the technician make several trips to the parts counter for components he deems necessary to complete the brake reline. Conversely, critical items needed for a complete high-quality brake job are not omitted due to technician discretion. All essential components are included in Power Brake axle kits, delivered to the bus on a pallet with clear part number and bill-of-material identification. In many cases this system reduces the man-hours needed to perform the brake reline. With the Power Brake warranty in place, your fleet will experience fewer brake relines thereby reducing their overall brake costs for the life of the contract.


Our 100,000 mile warranty is not just a service life warranty; it comes with complete training for all employees. The purpose of this training is to explain the new technology, how the warranty works, proper brake adjustments and burnishing of the brake system. We provide a brake reline check list to be completed by the technician and signed by the supervisor. This check list will confirm that necessary steps have been taken during the brake reline and will build a service history of each bus. This will help to eliminate down-time due to incomplete brake relines, raising the level of excellence and accountability in each technician.

Power Brake is truly your partner in controlling costs, solving problems and improving brake maintenance quality and performance.


POWER BRAKE has been awarded a 2 year contract by Palm Beach Transit for complete brake axle kits that carry a 60,000 mile warranty. This contract comes with an automatic 3 year extension should both parties wish to continue to do business.

Our complete brake axle kits include Diamond brake drums, brake shoes, spring kits, wheel seals, gaskets, S cam bushings, S cams and slack adjusters. These kits are custom assembled to outfit the various types of busses used in the transit industry.

The contract awarded to POWER BRAKE is a FTA contract suitable for any municipality that wishes to participate in this type of program. This allows for the use of the contract and eliminates the need for the creation of a new contract by other municipalities.

Specific needs can be added to the specification portion of this contract to suit  municipalities unique needs.

POWER BRAKE carries a complete inventory of brake components for all types of vehicles.