Don’t Compromise with Other Maintenance Programs for Your Commercial Brakes, Choose the Superior Diamond Technology of Power Brake

Commercial Brakes

For the most reliable commercial brakes for heavy duty vehicles, businesses turn to the experts at Power Brake for our unique Diamond Technology. Our brakes, rotors, and drums require less upkeep than other products on the market, which means that you can potentially reduce some of the overhead associated with your fleet of commercial vehicles.

Businesses that turn to us for commercial brakes and fleet maintenance programs have access to our patented Diamond Technology, which means less need for “routine” maintenance. That’s because when we service your brakes, they will be guaranteed for 100,000 miles against heat damage, cracking, and other common forms of wear-and-tear.

Other Commercial Brakes and Fleet Maintenance Systems Just Can’t Measure Up to Our Diamond Technology


This method merely provides a single outer layer of protection but does nothing against heat damage and many other forms of corrosion.


Plating only shields the system that is there, and its effectiveness is highly dependent on the quality of the system already in place.

Cryogenic Treatment

Cryogenic treatment uses extremely cold temperatures to improve the lifespan of commercial brakes brakes and prevent warping, but it does nothing to actually improve brake performance or preserve the condition of the components within the brake like rotors and drums.

When you compare these methods to our Diamond Technology, the choice is clear. Contact Power Brake today to have your commercial brakes serviced and take advantage of our risk-free trial program



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