Prevent Brake Sticking with Our Diamond Technology for Your Fleet Maintenance Needs

Lower Fleet Maintenance Costs Resulting from Brake StickingOur Diamond Technology has been undergone Continuous Salt Spray testing by the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) and has been proven to have the ability eliminate the common problem of brake “sticking” that often occurs in climates where there is a lot of salt and corrosion.  For instance, in container chassis fleets where the units are transported on ships overseas and then remain parked for extended periods of time, brake sticking is a common problem that often leads to vehicle down time, in addition to the incurrence of material and labor costs.

Transit buses, refuse vehicles, and emergency response fleet vehicles in northern climates also suffer from this problem due to the salt treatment used on snowy roads.  When roads have been treated with salt and the fleet hasn’t been used regularly, brake sticking becomes a costly and time-consuming problem.

Some of the fleet maintenance costs incurred as a result of environmentally induced brake sticking are:

  • Replacement of brake components
  • Disruption of service/Delays in delivery
  • Vehicle down-time
  • Labor costs for brake system repair

Brake sticking is a serious and costly hindrance to fleet vehicles that can easily be prevented by using our Diamond Technology.  By using our Diamond Technology, you eliminate the need for redundant and costly repairs.  Once you experience the results from our Diamond Technology components you will be convinced that Power Brake LLC can handle all of your brake system fleet maintenance needs.

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