Diamond Rotors Extend Fleet Vehicle Life While Improving Safety and Performance

Extend Fleet Vehicle Life With our Diamond Treated RotorsBy using our Diamond Technology rotors you will not only extend the life of your fleet vehicles, but you will also lower your fleet maintenance costs for many years to come.  The braking systems of typical fleet vehicles such as fire trucks, transit vehicles, and EMS vehicles are exposed to immense amounts of heat and friction, resulting in thousands of dollars of repairs every year for the maintenance of their brake system components.

Some of the benefits of using our Diamond Technology for your fleet vehicle maintenance are:

  • Extended brake rotor life
  • Decreased pad wear
  • Temperature reduction of brake pad, caliper, and rotor
  • Eliminates drag between brake rotor and brake pads
  • Lower brake fluid and bearing temperatures
  • Less induced stress
  • Consistent braking (eliminates judder)
  • Drastically reduces brake fade
  • Eliminates rotor WARPING & RUNNOUT

The heat produced by large vehicles, combined with the tremendous pressure placed on the brake components every day result in astronomical, recurring fleet maintenance costs.  The vehicle down-time, the material expenses, and the labor alone are just a few of the redundant expenditures incurred from typical fleet maintenance.



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