Power Brake Diamond Rotors and Diamond Drums Exhibit

Great Enhanced Features.

Power Brake’s components are
widely recognized as providing high-quality and dependable parts that are installed on fleet vehicles across the nation. In addition, fleet managers who want to improve the performance of their brakes are hearing from their peers that the “Diamond Brake” products from Power Brake greatly reduces fleet maintenance costs and adds to their overall brake performance.

Power Brake “Diamond” products provide the following:

  • Extended brake rotor and drum life
  • Decreased friction wear Temperature reduction of brake pads and calipers
  • Reduction in Rotor warping and run out
  • Lower wheel seal and bearing temperatures
  • Reduced drag between brake rotor and brake pads
  • Reduction in brake fade
  • Judder elimination

If you would like to find
out how Power Brakes’ Rotors, Drums and other brake hardware can provide these benefits to your brake systems, Power Brake offers a risk-free test. This test will allow you to compare a vehicle with standard components with one which utilizes the Power Brake Diamond brake components.

Power Brake Meritor Power Brake Meritor Power Brake Meritor Power Brake Meritor Power Brake Meritor
PB-131A 3218A131 PB-2794 3219F972 PB-020591 Kit195020 PB-4703KSMA KSMA2124703QP PB-37171 S2R707173
PB-651Z 3218Z156 PB-70051LH Kit15007LH PB-4710KSMA KSMA3124710QP
PB-761K 3218K167 PB-70051RH Kit15007RH PB-4710KSR KSR4034710QP
PB-5411A 3218A1145 PB-4707XK XK3014707QP
PB-6631N 3218N1366 PB-4707XK4 XK4034707QP
PB-4471BX XSR4034471BX

We Offer a 100,000 Mile Warranty against Failure due
to Wear, Distortion, or Cracking

Contact Power Brake today to find out about
our Risk-free Trial

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