Power Brake Leasing Plan

Power Brake, LLC has created a cost cutting, money saving plan to help companies reduce their monthly maintenance costs. Our brake systems, through cutting edge technologies, have enabled Power Brake, LLC to extend the life of brake components, thereby cutting down on brake relines and reducing labor and component costs.

The Plan:

1. Provide brake axle kits at a fixed monthly cost for a minimum of five years.

2. Each vehicle will be outfitted with brake axle kits for all axles. Each kit contains drums or rotors, brake shoes or brake pads and misc. components to complete a brake job installation.

3. Power Brake will complete an evaluation of the fleet and at that time present a cost per vehicle per month at a cost less than the customers is currently spending.

4. Example: Current costs for brake maintenance per vehicle are: $500.00 per month. Power Brake, LLC will offer a five year minimum lease plan at $250.00 per vehicle per month. This plan includes all brake components needed for each vehicle for five years.

5. Benefits: The customer has no brake inventory to maintain, thereby eliminating any carrying costs for inventory, less time chasing brake components. Power Brake, LLC extends the life of brake components which reduces frequency of brake relines, provides safer operating.
vehicles and an overall reduction in cost per mile. No upfront increased charges for Power Brake Diamond drums or Diamond rotors.

6. Power Brake, LLC delivers all needed brake components for a complete brake job. Once the brake job has been completed and the vehicle is back in service, the monthly charge begins.

7.Project Driven – We understand there are many diverse fleets that we service, so we create a plan specific to the needs and requirements of each fleet.

Please call me to answer any additional questions you may have.

Dixon Davies
Power Brake, LLC